People Have Never Looked So Ugly

Fiery fashion designer Dame Vivienne Westwood recently caused a stir amongst the unfashionable British public when she boldly proclaimed that “people have never looked so ugly as they do today.”

Putting our ugliness down to conformism and consumerism she went on to say that “We just consume far too much.. I’m talking about all this disposable crap. What I’m saying is buy less, choose well. Don’t just suck up stuff so everybody looks like clones. Don’t just eat McDonald’s, get something a bit better. Eat a salad. That’s what fashion is. It’s something that is a bit better.”

Easy for an absolutely loaded fashion designer to say, right?

When the whole country seems to be skint it’s understandable that for most, shopping in high street stores proves a better option than flitting between outrageously expensive designer outlets.

That said, the only thing I really disagree with is her implication that salad is better than a McDonalds.

To prove her point: Chinos and Barbour Jackets. At the moment the whole country is walking around in chinos and Barbour style padded jackets. Both of which you can get in any high street store. Mass produced items of clothing for the masses. It seems that consumerism has stifled our creativity.

So next time you pick up your chinos intent on pairing them with your Barbour jacket, take a step back and ask yourself if you really want to look like every other guy in the country.


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