Why did the Tarantula cross the road….

I was casually strolling on a quiet leafy street the other day and became slightly startled when I saw something scuttle across the road ahead. Thinking it was likely a mouse or perhaps more foul a rat, I carried on. On closer inspection I realised it was a rather large Tarantula. I knew seeing a Tarantula was a possibility in Colombia; however I did not expect to stumble on one in such a way. I was maybe expecting a more romantic meeting, perhaps in the jungle.

I am not particularly scared of spiders but seeing something that size in the open, when you know it is still fully capable of biting you, is a little daunting. I felt a sort of shaken excitedness at the sight of it. Although I am very glad I can now tick Tarantula off my list of ‘animals I want to see that will terrify me when I stumble on them unexpectedly’, there is an embarrassing hope that I will not come across such a thing again.

Click on the picture if you’re interested in finding out more…
Why did the Tarantula cross the road....


8 responses to “Why did the Tarantula cross the road….

  1. There were some spiders that size in Honduras, although I don’t think they were tarantulas. Fortunately, I didn’t have any bad run-ins with them, scorpions, or fer-de-lances!

  2. Your blog was never neglected and I always enjoy reading your updates, so good luck with everything at work and keep blogging!

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