Tamales Tolimenses

While I’ve been in Colombia I’ve had the chance to try some traditional Colombian food. One of the things I have tried is Tamales. A Tamal is masa (a dough made from corn) with chicken on the bone (and sometimes pork), eggs and vegetables all wrapped in a Plantain leaf and steamed.

When it is served, sitting inside the Plantain leaf is a bright yellow mashed potato textured filling with chicken hiding somewhere within. I enjoyed the Tamal, although it is certainly not comparable to anything I have tried before or anything you can buy in the UK. In Colombia it seems to be very popular and I think it makes for a great lunch. It doesn’t look incredibly appetising but it is definitely tastier than it looks.

Click on the photo for a look at the recipe…

Tamal Tolimense

Tamal Tolimense


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