From Cacao to Chocolate

Cocoa beans in pod

Cocoa beans in pod

This is a Cacao pod and inside are the magical beans that make chocolate. The pods are also filled with ‘baba de cacao’ a sweet gooey pulp.

I scooped the inside out with a spoon and although it doesn’t look amazing, the pulp is very moreish. It also gives you an uncontrollable urge to bite down on the seeds hoping for a smooth chocolate surprise that would complement the sweet flavour of the pulp excellently.

This is unfortunately not the case. The seeds are bitter and although there is a slight chocolaty hint to taunt you, it’s better to avoid chewing the seeds altogether.

If you can however handle the bitter taste of the seeds, they are apparently really good for your health. One bean offers a concentrated source of, magnesium, anti-oxidants, vitamin C and chromium.

To check out the whole process –from Cacao to Chocolate click on the photo.


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