Similar to San Agustin, Tierradentro is a remote town and UNESCO World Heritage Site located in Huila that holds the remains of an enigmatic civilisation, or even civilisations that disappeared thousands of years ago. What Tierradentro has that San Agustin does not, are incredible burial tombs carved into the verdant landscape.




After the great experience I had in San Agustin, I got back on the horse (literally) and rode over to the different archaeological sites and having learnt from my last ride on horseback, I came away less dirty and less chafed than previously.


After a few hours of baking in the sun on the horses, we went on a trek to find a waterfall to cool off in . The walk there was difficult as none of us knew if we were heading in the right direction but after walking through some private land and encountering some mischievous children intent on getting us lost, we eventually stumbled on to a beautiful secluded cascada. The whole trek seemed like a smaller re-enactment of the film ‘The Beach’; however there was less shooting, less drugs and no hippy cults.





One response to “Tierradentro

  1. Decided to check Reddit for Tierradentro…surprised to find this, planning to go there soon, hopefully after visiting SA, it’s been some years since I go down there, what way did u use to get over there, from Popayan or La Plata?, anyhow, nice!

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