A Colombian New Year


On the 31st of December I rang in the New Year in Popayan. In Colombia it is traditional to burn a Taitapuro and regrets from your previous year along with it. A Taitapuro is a man made in a similar fashion to a Guy on bonfire night, and people write down their regrets and stuff them in the Taitapuro´s pockets ready to be burned.

It is also traditional to eat twelve grapes as soon as the clock strikes twelve. Each grape represents a month of the new year and with each one you eat you must make a wish. In order for your wishes to come true however, you must stuff them all down your throat before 12.01.

Also a tradition, although I did not do this as unfortunately most of my underwear is black or white,  is to wear yellow or red pants. Red if you want love in the upcoming year, or yellow for riches. Maybe if you wore two pairs, one red and one yellow, you might get both.


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